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March 2019, Dennis & Lincoln competed at the AKC National Agility Championships in Tulsa – not merely “running” but remaining near the top of their class throughout, on into the Challengers Round.  

 You can learn more about Oklahoma border collie Lincoln at his Wizards of Smart Border Collies website.   

~ Previously ~ 

March, 2017, Dennis & border collie Lincoln completed requirements for AKC’s Master Agility Championship (MACH).  Not content to just get it done, Lincoln’s 20 required MACH doubles (40) were NEVER out of the ribbons and included 35 FIRST-placements. 

March 2013, American Dog Obedience Center’s special brand of training carried Dennis & Lab Henry (American Revved Up Ford) to a 2013 AKC NATIONAL AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIP – making Henry the first Labrador Retriever EVER to win that prestigious title. 

January 2012, less than 4 years after first walking into an agility ring, Dennis and Lab Henry earned AKC’s Master Agility Championship title (MACH). Dennis & Lab Henry earned 61 first-placements in Excellent B (Masters) agility on way to their AKC MACH title.

~ Exceptional Dog Agility Accomplishments – Oklahoma & Beyond ~

November 2018, Kris completed requirements for Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) through University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine. 

October 2015, Kris received certification as a canine fitness instructor,  FitPAWS Master Trainer, after participating in 3-day workshop in Colorado taught by Dr. Kerry Fisher, Dr. Leslie Eide, Bobbie Lyons; passing course test; and passing Dr. Sonnet Jarvis review of 3 case studies. Since then she has focused on conditioning specifically for canine athletes through online and hands-on courses taught by Dr. Leslie Eide, Jeris Pugh, and Bobbie Lyons.

Dennis & Border Collie Lincoln met AKC’s most stringent requirements ever to qualify for – and attend – 2016’s National Agility Championship in Tulsa. Also, during 2017 they met stringent requirements to qualify for 2018’s National Agility Championships in Reno. The year before, during 2016, they met requirements to qualify for 2017’s National Agility Championship in Georgia. 

With limited trialing, Border Collie Lincoln has placed among the top 10 dogs jumping 24″ in Bad Dog Agility’s Power 60 one quarter each year 2015-2018.   

October 2017, after only six months of limited trialing, Kris’s young border collie Rave On earned AKC’s AX & AXJ titles and began running in Master & Premier classes.    

With limited agility trialing, Dennis & Kris Butler reached the very highest levels of AKC competitive agility with 5 different dogs!

  • Beginning 2008, in just 7 weekends of trials, Dennis and TWO Labrador Retrievers, Key & Henry, moved through the ranks to earn AKC’s Agility Excellent titles.
  • After merely 2 years, Dennis and Labrador Retriever Henry had earned both AKC Masters Excellent Agility titles AND qualified for the 2011 AKC National Agility Championships – and competed in Virginia.
  • The following year Dennis and Lab Henry qualified for the 2012 AKC National Agility Championships, held in Reno Nevada.
  • During 2012 – for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR – Dennis and Lab Henry  qualified for the 2013 AKC National Agility Championships (in Tulsa). In this highly competitive venue, they ran away with a preferred 20″ AKC National Agility Championship title. 
  • Henry is the first Labrador Retriever EVER to win an AKC National Agility Championship — and he & Dennis brought it home to Oklahoma.
  • From 2009 – 2011 Kris and border collie Yarr earned AKC’s Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers titles with 18 first placements along the way. Yarr (Lock-Eye All American) was retired from agility early in 2013, due to severe bilateral hip dysplasia.


~ Continuing Education ~

Early on, Dennis & Kris moved beyond limited obedience. fitness, and dog agility instruction available in Oklahoma and turned to each other for coaching.

They continued to learn from the BEST, by attending workshops, private lessons, and online training with world-class obedience, fitness, and agility icons:

  • Beth Erickson & Vicki Schmidt, July, 2109 (Kris 1 day working seminar, Games & Focus in the Obedience Ring) Kansas
  • Peggy McConnell, July, 2019 (Kris, 2 day working seminar, skills for competitive obedience), OKC
  • Dr. Debbie Gross Torraca, June & July 2019 (Kris, online course, fitness issues relating to long-backed dogs)
  • Kristen From, Remedial Rose Animal Wellness, June 2019 (Kris, online course, canine massage).   
  • Viki Csavas, August, 2018 (Dennis 2 day working seminar, European handling skills) Texas
  • Lisa Schmidt, March, 2018 (Kris 2 day “Distance Handling” seminar) Weatherford TX
  • Barb Davis, May, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar) Shawnee, OK
  • One Mind Dog, 2015 – present, ongoing, paid subscription to online agility training. Dennis views, studies, and practices One Mind techniques  
  • Steve Moon, March, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar, handling sequences for beginning dogs) Shawnee, OK 
  • Sangie Brooks, March, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar, skills for Novice dogs) Guthrie OK
  • Bobby Lyons & FitPaws, September, 2016 (Kris 2 day working seminar to achieve Canine Fitness Equipment Specialist Certification) Longmont, Colorado 
  • Viki Csavas, July, 2016 (Dennis 1 day working seminar, European handling skills) Texas
  • Dr. Leslie Eide, December 2015 – February 2016. “Iliopsoas Muscles & Hip Flexors” (Kris, canine fitness training, online course)
  • Daisy Peel, December, 2015 (Kris 1 day working seminar, handling young dogs, “School Days”) Texas
  • Stuart Mah, November, 2015 (Dennis 1 day working seminar, advanced handling skills) Shawnee OK
  • Bobby Lyons, Sept. – Nov. 2015. “Injury Prevention for Psoas & Shoulder Muscle Groups” (Kris, fitness training for canine athletes, online course)
  • One day a month for several months during 2014 & 2015 Dennis attended 2 private lessons and a group session with Jody Lolich in Texas
  • Melanie Miller, August 2015 (Dennis 1 working day: Masters, International courses) Texas
  • Melanie Miller, March 2015 (Dennis 2 working days: Excellent/Masters, International courses) Texas
  • Daisy Peel, October, November 2014 (Dennis 3 working days: Excellent/Masters & International Handling) Texas
  • Daisy Peel, February 2014 (Dennis 3 days: working spots Footwork, Turns, Excellent/Masters Handling and audit International Handling) Texas
  • Stuart Mah, February 2014 (Kris audit Handling and Perfecting Skills day-long) Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Lori Michaels, September 2012 (Kris, day-long workshop and add’l private lesson) Oklahoma City
  • Ann Braue, August 2012 (Kris 2 days: 1 working seminar, 1 audit, “Future Handling Trends”) Kansas
  • Marcus Topps (Dennis & Kris, private lessons and day-long working seminar) Oklahoma
  • Linda Mecklenburg (Dennis & Kris, Foundation Handling Seminar streamed live by Agility Vision through Clean Run)
  • Stacey Peardot-Goudy (Kris, day-long working seminar) Kansas
  • Lori Michaels (Kris, 4 private lessons over 3 years)
  • Debbie Spence (Kris’s first day-long working agility seminar) Oklahoma City

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