19 09, 2017

Deliberate Beginnings – by Kris Butler – Sept. 19, 2017

“Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” ~ Emma Bull   Border collie Rave On could be a poster child for canine cross fitness training. Still, I am surprised by people who consider any relationship between Rave On’s athletic success and her exposure to functional exercise to be [...]

10 05, 2017


  As many as one in five of American Dog Obedience Center clients ask about running with their dogs. It’s a trend, gaining in popularity. Many distance running events have even begun to include divisions for people running with their dogs. It’s understandable that people see their dogs running in the yard with so much [...]

26 07, 2014

Therapy Dogs – 2 New Resources

July 26, 2014 – By Kris Butler – Dogly behavior has become a popular Rx for affecting human behavior.  In hospitals, treatment centers, schools, and in the midst of natural and man-made disasters all across the USA, something really important is happening. Therapy dogs are connecting with people in ways that enhance human healing, learning, self-awareness, and [...]

18 05, 2014

Self-Space & Expression – Part 1 – Interpreting Dogly Behavior

May 18, 2014 – By Kris Butler – Canine communication is perhaps the most important and the least understood dogly behavior. Dogs and people are different species, and so perceptions of socially acceptable behaviors differ, one from the other. Human families tend to limit identification of “inappropriate behaviors” to those dogly behaviors directed toward people, [...]

18 05, 2014

Self-Space & Expression – Part 2 – Applications

May 18, 2014 – By Kris Butler – Specific behaviors that relate to canine communication and social space were described in Part 1 of this article. Here in Part 2 we’ll discuss why this information is so important to our relationships with our dogs. It’s up to the human(s) within a dog’s family to advocate [...]

2 05, 2014

(Dog) Food for Thought – Part 1 – Diets and Dogly Behavior

MAY 2, 2014 – By Kris Butler – It seems there are as many strong opinions out there about which dog foods are best to feed as there are opinions about which vehicles are best to drive. And, lately, the dog food companies advertise about as much as the car companies do. So how do [...]

2 05, 2014

(Dog) Food for Thought – Part 2 – Practice

May 2, 2014 – By Kris Butler – In Part 1 of (Dog) Food for Thought we introduced readers to information found on dog food labels so that you might empower yourselves to make food choices for your dogs based on content rather than hype. In Part 2 of (Dog) Food for Thought readers will [...]

28 04, 2014

Introducing “Dogly Behavior” Blog

  Dogs behave dogly – well – because they are dogs! That might seem like overstating the obvious, but it is challenging for most humans to understand canine behavior. In the past hundred years, the primary role for dogs in general has morphed from working for people (hunting, herding, protecting) to living with people as [...]

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