From Kris Butler: Dog training within our system begins with a board-and-train program at American Dog Obedience Center. A foundation for each dog involves teaching, in humane terms the dog can easily understand, what is needed and limits that define the relationship.

There are many methods for training dogs; yet there are very few systems. Dennis & I have attended seminars, read books & articles, and networked with trainers to study issues surrounding dog training myths & methodologies.We continue to do so. We have developed a dog & family training system that makes excellent use of high quality technology to (both) train dogs and prepare human family members to interact with their dogs. Today’s quality remote electronic collars (e-collars) are technological wonders because of the extremely LOW levels at which they can communicate. The technical quality of an e-collar is important and often overlooked. And so, we provide Dogtra e-collars. The price of the e-collar and Oklahoma sales tax are included in enrollment, and the collar goes home with the dog. We will work with nothing less. 

Many canine behaviors that we humans consider inappropriate actually self-reward the dogs offering the behaviors. Certainly, it’s not enough to teach human family members to simply punish their dogs’ behaviors – dogs need to know what to do. Human family members must be taught to think pro-actively: “What can I require my dog to do that prevents him from doing what I don’t want him to do?” Herein lies the scientific difference between our unique use of collars as reinforcers and the harsh traditional use of collars as punishers.

The dogs we train don’t live in vacuums or laboratories, or in canine packs at wolf parks. Each dog we train is part of a unique human family. My virtual tool box includes a wide range of equipment and experiences from the masters of the dog training world. However, I’ve come to realize the (usually missing) key to success is in equipping my busy human clients with an uncomplicated system and the practical tools they need to require specific appropriate behaviors of their dogs.

People have fallen in love with this training system! Of course, dogs love the significant increases in participation within their families too. Dogs become reliable, including off leash, and they maintain a great attitude because they are able to understand clearly what is expected.

Following their dogs’ training at American Dog Obedience Center ‘s boarding school, our clients use their limited “dog” time at home in pursuit of achievable, realistic results with their dogs – even when other methods have previously failed.

As a result of this training system , the scope of interactions between my clients and their dogs usually broadens. They enjoy their time together! Often far more is possible than was imagined – and this re-energizes and enhances the entire relationship.