Beyond Basics – Dog Training Classes for Sport and Fitness ~ with Kris Butler

Beyond Basics – Dog Training Classes for Sport and Fitness ~ with Kris Butler

Kris Butler will be offering daytime training classes to launch people and their dogs beyond basics, Tuesdays only, beginning March 26, 2019 through May 21 (and perhaps again in September).

The general theme is “Beyond Basics – Dog Training for Sport & Fitness.”

 We have an entire gym with padded floor for Rally to accommodate your introduction and growth.

Learn and practice foundation skills that will challenge your dog to become more aware of its body while you are introduced to elements of effective, SAFE canine exercise

American Dog Obedience Center, LLC has secured use of a climate-controlled recreation center in central Norman at 12th Avenue (Sooner Road) between Rock Creek & Robinson.

Our clients often ask if there is “something” for them to do with their dogs following our boarding school programs. Well, here ya go! AND it is open to non-client dogs as well. However, there are prerequisites which include being non-reactive, with basic skills already in place, minimally decent leash manners, sit and stay.

View our canine athletes’ – Lincoln & Rave On – fitness videos here 

Class sizes will be limited to 5 dogs. Three somewhat related classes will be offered each Tuesday and each person/dog can take one, two, or all three. Class #2 is recommended for most people.  It will focus on performance training, using many of the skills necessary for #1 and #3 as practice examples. No dogs first week, but there will be lessons and homework. 

  1. Rally Obedience (AKC) for Future Competitors.
    Class will introduce novice rally signs and strategies for training and trialing. Possible second class if enough interest, to practice course work for people currently trialing.  LOTS of information about rally on this AKC page.   
  2. Clicker & Reward Training Skills for Sports, Fitness, and Tricks. This class introduces the training method we will employ in Rally and Fitness classes. In this class will use fitness and/or rally skills to improve YOUR training technique.  
  3. Canine Fitness Exercise Skills for Current Athletes and Rising Stars. Each handler must bring a yoga mat or non-slip rug for your dog. Instructor will provide stable and unstable supportive equipment for class, with purchase options for personal use.    

No point being mediocre! You will learn & practice click/mark/reward methods trainers use most to prepare elite performance dogs

Instructor is Kris Butler, a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) through University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She and her dogs have earned multiple AKC CD & CDX obedience titles, Master agility titles, and RAE rally titles. She is best known locally for exceptional family dog training services with husband Dennis Butler through American Dog Obedience Center, LLC in Norman.

Cost of classes will be $100 each. These are flat fees, non-refundable. Enrollment requires instructor’s approval and will be on a “first come” basis. Upon approval, you may offer credit card information over the phone or send payment through PayPal to the email address to be specified. We’ll offer a USPS address for those who want to mail checks.  Enrollments will not be considered final until payment is received. We will form a “wait list” and consider adding a second round to any class that sparks enough interest.

Consider what YOU might enjoy learning from an expert trainer during these classes and how experiences like this might enhance the relationship between you and your dog.  

Ready to enroll? Have questions? Phone Kris at 405 364 7650 or email her at