American Dog Obedience Center 

Oklahoma City Metro Area Dog Training at its best!

American Dog Obedience Center trains your dog for you! American Dog Obedience Center is the premier Oklahoma dog training experience. You’re just 15-18 days away from behaviors most families can only dream about – and a happier dog. Beyond the results of our dog training programs are enhanced relationships between people and their dogs.


For professional dog training in the Oklahoma City Metro area, American Dog Obedience, provides the experience needed to successfully train your dog. Your dog stays at our dog training boarding school in Norman, Oklahoma – indoors, in a spacious kennel (no, not in a crate) – as s/he learns and plays in large scenic outdoor dog training areas. Each dog receives results-based skills and behavior training with Kris & Dennis Butler.

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Family participation is required for a “changeover” session that lasts 2 – 3 hours the last day your dog is here, and then your dog returns home. Our brand of Oklahoma dog training enhances relationships between dogs and their busy humans.

Following boarding school, clients are welcome to explore other activities with their dogs through private lessons. It might be sports, fitness, therapy dogs, or more about working and playing with your dog in general.

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When your dog is a minimum of 5 months old, we will consider a structured boarding school program. A basic boarding school program course lasts 15-18 days and will introduce:


  • SIT – sit when greeting you (rather than your dog jumping on you), sit beside you at doors or gates until you give permission to come in or go out

  • STAY

  • COME (off leash and even with distractions!!)

  • MAGIC CARPET – staying on a rug that we furnish and you take back home with you. There are about a thousand troublesome things a trained dog can NOT do if s/he is staying on a magic carpet. For example, s/he can not jump on your company, beg at the table, get on the furniture, run through the house, dart out the door, or interfere with children as they play on the floor, if s/he is staying on a designated rug.

  • MANNERS– not jumping on you, not chewing on you.

  • MINE – leave “it” alone, turn away from items that the dog might want but cannot have – such as counter tops and tables, your hands, items dropped on the ground

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RESULTS-BASED DOG TRAINING for busy Oklahoma families

You should expect your dog to DO what you ask. Methods and behavioral principles provide a valuable foundation; but the ultimate test of a dog trainer’s success is results – not theories. You’ll experience a happy, relaxed dog who is not experiencing physical force, choking or loud voices. Neither will you be required to resort to useless bribery, although we do reward appropriate behaviors generously. At American Dog Obedience Center dog training is humane, calming, and it is effective.

Even our wonderful program does not send home a “computerized” dog. A key element in the connection between people and their dogs is an effective way for busy families to require appropriate canine behaviors at home in the midst of the distractions and chaos we humans call “life.”

Not only do we train dogs, but we also provide their human families with the tools you’ll need to achieve success at home. Your dog will enjoy more freedom because you enjoy more control – on and off leash.

American Dog Obedience Center is managed under a current unrestricted business kennel license issued by the City of Norman, Oklahoma. (License #1395). This licensed, legal, kennel facility hosts our dog and puppy boarding school students. Spacious indoor kennels and scenic outdoor work area are located on ten country acres in (east) Norman City Limits.

Our location, just 8 miles south of I-40, just off Choctaw Road (aka NE 120th in Norman), grants easy access to Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa families – and to those coming from out of state. Owners’ private home is on premises. Visits by appointment.

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You love your dog but his/her behavior causes you to feel stressed or angry, causing conflict.

We understand!

Although we love training Oklahoma City area dogs, we work for Oklahoma City area people. Dogs are, indeed, canines; but we feel that dogs are part of their human families – not the other way around.

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