Own, manage, and train for American Dog Obedience Center , LLC, since 1979. They are nationally recognized dog trainers, specializing in programs that improve the quality of people’s lives through interactions with trained dogs. Families have come from the Oklahoma City metro area and throughout Oklahoma, as well as surrounding states to gift their dogs with the Butler’s unique brand of hands-on dog training.

Dennis is a formerly licensed Guide Dogs for the Blind Trainer and Instructor.

Kris is a professional level member International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

Kris & Dennis have attended hundreds of hours of dog training and behavior seminars and conferences, in person and online, studying a broad range of topics, methods, and philosophies from the world’s leading professionals. Some of those are listed below.

KRIS IS A CERTIFIED CANINE FITNESS TRAINER (CCFT) – after participating in a 3-day live lab in Colorado, veterinary review of 3 case studies, and online studies portion through University of Tennessee’s Veterinary School, completed November 2018.

The highest levels of competitive sports continue to challenge Kris and Dennis to be the best trainers on the planet.

2024 – Kris and border collie Rave On earned AKC UD (highest obedience) title

2023 – Kris and border collie Rave On earned AKC CDX obedience title

2022 – Kris and border collie Rave On complete requirements for AKC Rally Championshio (RACH) and qualify for 2023 AKC National Rally Championships. They also earn AKC Novice Obedience title.

2021 – Kris and border collie Rave On earned AKC Master Rally title and qualified for 2022 AKC National Rally Championships with 4 perfect Master scores and high-combined awards.

2019 – Kris and border collie Rave On entered their first AKC rally trial in April. By November (last trial before 2020 shut-downs), Rave On had earned Novice, Advanced, and Excellent rally titles, with 7 q’s toward her Master title. During their last 7 trials, June – November, they earned 4 Triple and 4 Double high-in-trial awards.

2019 – Dennis and border colllie Lincoln completed requirements for AKC agility MACH2. They met qualification requirements and attended AKC National Agility Championships in Tulsa, OK, where Lincoln qualified nicely for the Challengers Round in the finals.

2017 – Kris and border collie Rave On earn AKC AX and AXJ agility titles in just 8 months of limited trialing.

March 2017 – Dennis and Border Collie Lincoln earned AKC’s highest agility title – Master Agility Championship (MACH), never out of the ribbons, placing first vast majority of qualifying runs.

2016 & 2019- Dennis and border collie Lincoln met qualification requirements and attended AKC National Agility Championships in Tulsa OK. They qualified for, but did not attend 2017 and 2021 AKC National Agility Championships in Georgia and Tulsa.

During 2014 Lab Henry and Kris earned AKC Rally Obedience’s highest title RAE. Along the way they earned several first placements with perfect scores and “High Combined in Trial” awards – and they qualified for the AKC 2015 Rally National Championship event.

March, 2013 – Lab Henry became the first Labrador Retriever ever to win an AKC National Agility Championship, trained & Handled by Dennis Butler. An amazing accomplishment!

January, 2012 – Lab Henry and Dennis Butler completed requirements for AKC’s Master Agility Champion (MACH) title — with 61 first-place Master qualifications contributing to MACH points and MACH QQs.

2011, 2012, 2013 – Dennis and Lab Henry qualified for 3 consecutive AKC National Agility Championships.

Prior to agility, Lab Henry and Dennis competed in AKC field trials, earning JAMs in Derby and Qualifying events.

October, 2013 – Border collie Yarr and Kris earned AKC’s highest rally title RAE with 8 High Combined in Trial awards and 4 perfect scores among his double-qualifying courses. In the process Yarr qualified for the 2014 AKC National Rally Championship event.

Earlier in his career, Yarr and Kris earned AKC’s Excellent agility titles, AX and AXJ,

Between May 2008 & February 2009 Labrador Retriever Key earned AKC’s Novice, Open, and Excellent agility titles, AX and AXJ. Previously Key had placed first and earned QAA status in AKC field trials and earned an AKC CD obedience title. All events trained for and handled by Dennis Butler.

Between 1983 & 1994 Dennis and Kris Butler earned 9 AKC CD obedience titles; 2 AKC CDX (advanced) obedience titles; and 6 AKC JH hunt test titles with dogs they trained and handled.


• Author a successful book,Therapy Dogs Today and a book/DVD, Therapy Dogs: Compassionate Modalities. The second print edition of Therapy Dogs Today was published in 2014 and is currently available in ebook version through and

• Served as an adjunct faculty member in University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. From 2006 – 2008, she worked in development and served as instructor of DU’s online Animals and Human Health certificate program.

• Developed goal-directed animal-enhanced rehabilitation programs at Integris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital in Oklahoma City , Southwestern Medical Center Rehabilitation Unit in Lawton , and trained therapists who developed a goal-directed program at The Rehab Unit at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City .

• 1995 – 2004 provided weekly contract services to Integris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital in Oklahoma City,handling her skilled therapy dogs during individual treatment sessions with therapists and patients.

• During 2002 developed and implemented a comprehensive volunteer selection and training process for Integris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital.

• In 1995, founded Petworks In Progress Foundation, a non-profit 501-c-3 organization for volunteer therapy animal handlers.

• Developed an animal-enhanced experiential program at an alternative high school in Moore, OK, working with her trained dogs and a licensed family therapist to meet adjudicated students’ goals in communication and social skills. Transitioned the program to include volunteer animal/handler teams.

• Developed a goal-directed animal-enhanced experiential program for an elementary school in Norman OK, which included her trained dog and a special education teacher which lasted 3 semesters.

• Introduced animal-enhanced experiential learning at another elementary school, Norman OK, working for one year with her trained dog and a special education teacher to meet goals of children identified as ED.

• At least 4 public school systems in Oklahoma have had teachers who have included their own trained dogs in educational environments after attending Kris’s Reaching People Through Dogs programs for educators.

• Beginning in 1997, provided professional consulting services, delivered training seminars, conducted site assessments, trained animal evaluators, and conducted animal evaluations in Wyoming, Texas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Ohio, New York, and Washington, as well as in Oklahoma.

• Licensed evaluator, evaluator instructor, team instructor, and site assessor for Delta Society Pet Partners 1994 – 2007. She has served as a paid instructor and consultant on several Pet Partners projects throughout the USA .

• Awarded Delta Society’s prestigious Therapy Dog of the Year Honor, with golden retriever, Partner, in 1995.

• Member Therapy Dogs Inc. from early 1990’s to 2008.

Continuing Education – Learning from the BEST, by attending workshops, private lessons, and online training with world-class obedience, fitness, and agility icons:

  • not up to date
  • Petra Ford, Oct 2021, Handling Errors for Success (Kris, online)
  • Petra Ford, May-July 2021, Polished and Precise Heeling, (Kris, online course, competitive obedience) 
  • Julie Flanery, August-Sept. 2021, Joy of Heeling – Rock it like a Freestyler! (Kris, online, competitive obedience)
  • Debbie Gross Torraca, April 2020, Conditioning for Obedience: All You Need to Know! (Kris, online, competitive obedience)
  • Beth Erickson & Vicki Schmidt, July, 2019 (Kris 1 day working seminar, Games & Focus in the Obedience Ring, Kansas
  • Peggy McConnell, July, 2019 (Kris, 2 day working seminar, skills for competitive obedience), OKC
  • Dr. Debbie Gross Torraca, June & July 2019 (Kris, online course, fitness issues relating to long-backed dogs)
  • Kristen From, Remedial Rose Animal Wellness, June 2019 (Kris, online course, canine massage).
  • Viki Csavas, August, 2018 (Dennis 2 day working seminar, European handling skills) Texas
  • Lisa Schmidt, March, 2018 (Kris 2 day “Distance Handling” seminar) Weatherford TX
  • Barb Davis, May, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar) Shawnee, OK
  • One Mind Dog, 2015 – present, ongoing, paid subscription to online agility training. Dennis views, studies, and practices One Mind techniques
  • Steve Moon, March, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar, handling sequences for beginning agility dogs) Shawnee, OK
  • Sangie Brooks, March, 2017 (Kris 1 day working seminar, skills for Novice agility dogs) Guthrie OK
  • Bobby Lyons & FitPaws, September, 2016 (Kris 2 day working seminar to achieve Canine Fitness Equipment Specialist Certification) Longmont, Colorado
  • Viki Csavas, July, 2016 (Dennis 1 day working seminar, European agility handling skills) Texas
  • Dr. Leslie Eide, December 2015 – February 2016. “Iliopsoas Muscles & Hip Flexors” (Kris, canine fitness training, online course)
  • Daisy Peel, December, 2015 (Kris 1 day working agility seminar, handling young dogs, “School Days”) Texas
  • Stuart Mah, November, 2015 (Dennis 1 day working agility seminar, advanced handling skills) Shawnee OK
  • Bobby Lyons, Sept. – Nov. 2015. “Injury Prevention for Psoas & Shoulder Muscle Groups” (Kris, fitness training for canine athletes, online course)
  • One day a month for several months during 2014 & 2015 Dennis attended 2 private agility lessons and a group session with Jody Lolich in Texas
  • Melanie Miller, August 2015 (Dennis 1 working day: Masters, International agility courses) Texas
  • Melanie Miller, March 2015 (Dennis 2 working days: Excellent/Masters, International agility courses) Texas
  • Daisy Peel, October, November 2014 (Dennis 3 working days: Excellent/Masters & International Agility Handling) Texas
  • Daisy Peel, February 2014 (Dennis 3 days: working spots Footwork, Turns, Excellent/Masters Handling and audit International Handling) Texas
  • Stuart Mah, February 2014 (Kris audit Handling and Perfecting Agilityt Skills day-long) Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Lori Michaels, September 2012 (Kris, day-long agility workshop and add’l private lesson) Oklahoma City
  • Ann Braue, August 2012 (Kris 2 days: 1 working seminar, 1 audit, “Future Agility Handling Trends”) Kansas
  • Marcus Topps (Dennis & Kris, private lessons and day-long working agility seminar) Oklahoma
  • Linda Mecklenburg (Dennis & Kris, Foundation Agility Handling Seminar streamed live by Agility Vision through Clean Run)
  • Stacey Peardot-Goudy (Kris, day-long working agility seminar) Kansas
  • Lori Michaels (Kris, 4 private agility lessons over 3 years)
  • Debbie Spence (Kris’s first day-long working agility seminar) Oklahoma City