Yellow Lab head licking hadDogs behave dogly – well – because they are dogs! That might seem like overstating the obvious, but it is challenging for most humans to understand canine behavior. In the past hundred years, the primary role for dogs in general has morphed from working for people (hunting, herding, protecting) to living with people as family members. It’s understandable that people today might tend to think of dogs’ behavior only in human terms, while their dogs continue to behave so perfectly dogly.

American Dog Obedience Center’s boarding school for dogs has made it easy for thousands of busy families throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states to enhance their relationships with their dogs in ways our human clients sometimes hadn’t imagined. Within their stronger relationships, families become more aware of issues that surround their dogs’ behaviors – both genetic makeup, which we like to refer to as “dogness,” and environmental influences and choices we humans make on behalf of our dogs.

I believe this desire to learn more is indicative of the greater depth of relationship people are sharing with their dogs. We want to encourage and accommodate such positive growth. So check back often! Future articles, videos, and photos published through Dogly Behavior will offer viewers educational insights into dogly behavior as we continually celebrate the presence of dogs in all of our lives.

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