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2 05, 2014

(Dog) Food for Thought – Part 1 – Diets and Dogly Behavior


MAY 2, 2014 – By Kris Butler – It seems there are as many strong opinions out there about which dog foods are best to feed as there are opinions about which vehicles are best to drive. And, lately, the dog food companies advertise about as much as the car companies do. So how do you know what to believe?  First, you can believe this article is promoting knowledge rather than any one product.

Irish Setter MeriAfter making improvements to their dogs’ diets, people often notice differences in their dogs’ coats. We believe more subtle changes occur, beyond appearance. Not only are Team Butler’s canine athlete’s physical performance and stamina surely affected by eating food that is more beneficial to them, but we believe every dog’s mental focus and attention relate to diet as well. Consider the highs and lows (from hyper-active to crash) of human behaviors that result from sugar/glucose and carb-rich diets and how that might compare to canine behavior and performance.


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2 05, 2014

(Dog) Food for Thought – Part 2 – Practice


May 2, 2014 – By Kris Butler – In Part 1 of (Dog) Food for Thought we introduced readers to information found on dog food labels so that you might empower yourselves to make food choices for your dogs based on content rather than hype.

In Part 2 of (Dog) Food for Thought readers will have the opportunity to compare and contrast a random sampling of commercial dog food ingredients – taken from the backs of the bags – so that you might be prepared to make your best decisions next time you shop for your dogs.  (more…)

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